We Built Kickplan Because We're Tired ...

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Kickplan was founded by Will Clark and Robert Graff, two experienced entrepreneurs who are still "hands-on-keyboard" engineers at heart with a track record of taking concepts from 0 to 1 to exit in extremely difficult markets.

From pioneering the internet itself at Geocities, to pioneering SaaS billing at Chargify, to creating an entirely new category in live event ticketing at Goldstar, they excel at disrupting industries and paradigms that many view as unchangable.

Our vision is born from a dissatisfaction with the status quo, specifically that if you want to sell software on the internet, you must build software to sell it. And that software, which is entirely overhead to the business, requires far too many engineers and far too much experience to do it right.

If in 2024, you were to start an e-commerce business and your first task was to hire programmers to build a shopping cart, people would consider you crazy. Similarly, if you opened a retail store and your first task was to build a cash register, people would also consider you crazy. However, the reality is that SaaS companies have entire teams and spend millions of dollars each year solely on building software to sell their software. Although this notion might seem absurd, it's a common practice that we have come to accept.

But the thing about the status quo is that it's almost guaranteed to change, and so we have decided to change the way SaaS companies monetize their software by building the system we've always wanted. Real infrastructure, running in your application, not a point solution vendor in a sea of other point solution vendors, all fixing pain points and not the underlying problems.

Kickplan is built by a team of experienced software craftspeople. We all have a decade-plus of experience as creators and consumers of SaaS billing systems, and we're all dedicated to fundamentally changing how SaaS software is built and sold today.