Kickplan is Next Day Shipping for Sales Led Growth Teams

Close more deals, grow revenue faster, onboard accounts with ease and never have to wait for engineering again with Kickplan – your complete monetization & automation solution.
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With Kickplan, you can easily represent contract limits and quotas and offer individually tailored packages to your customers with active enforcement. RevOps teams can control pricing, packaging, and limits in any workflow with zero engineering effort.

Kickplan connects your sales process directly to your product and allows your team to bypass the limitations of roadmap and engineering velocity or reporting delays. Turn stressful annual contract renewals into effortless upsells and revenue expansion right when customers need it, not when your data team has time to pull reports for you.

Connect your existing tools

Kickplan provides bi-directional integration with Salesforce, Hubspot and other CRMs. This integration allows you to create new accounts, provision entitlements from sales contracts using AI, and collect payments directly in your CRM. This process is completely automated and ensures that your customers' experience in your product is impacted directly.

Automate critical workflows

Kickplan enables you to track usage and value metrics, even if you don't bill directly against them. This data is automatically pushed to your CRM, allowing your Account Executives and Rev Ops team to identify potential expansion opportunities, churn risks, and usage contraction in a timely manner. Additionally, Kickplan can directly communicate usage metrics with your customers without building any new functionality making cancelation flows and upsells have maximum impact.

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