Kickplan Makes Managing Monetization Masterfully Manageable

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PLG-oriented companies can face challenges in scaling their monetization efforts, but Kickplan provides a revolutionary solution that transforms monetization systems from a source of friction to a growth driver. With Kickplan, businesses can unlock the full potential of their product and achieve their growth ambitions at any scale.

PLG growth teams need sophisticated pricing and packaging solutions across any number of products, from your first 3 plans to entire product suites with hybrid pricing. Trials, reverse trails, usage-based trials, if you can think of it, you can build it with Kickplan.

Unblock pricing experiments

Are you continuously testing pricing and growing revenue? Most companies aren’t because they are afraid of how existing customers may react, uncertain of the downstream effects, or hindered by slow moving backend systems and deep development roadmaps. Kickplan is the antidote of your internal FUD… test, change, grow safely, completely untethered from your engineering organization priorities.

Iterate on your value metrics

Kickplan explicitly and implicitly captures all the value metrics you need to tweak (or throw out) your pricing model. Go from subscription to metered billing, or metered billing to purely usage-based, and any combination thereof with ease and zero backend changes. 

Optimize your customer experience

Stop churn in its tracks with Kickplan’s advanced cancel flow. With full access to all the data you need to make your case, including feature usage, current price vs grandfathered prices, and fully automated off-boarding. And if you want to offer pausing, special discounts, or any other offer at cancelation, we do that too… automatically.

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