The Easy Button for Engineering Teams Looking to Master Monetization

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Kickplan is a completely new way to think about monetization. We’ve reduced months and months of engineering time needed to build internal systems that integrate with payment and subscription providers and instead we boil that integration down into two lines of code you’re already familiar with: feature checks and metric instrumentation. 

Latency, freshness, and availability are the pillars of our architecture. Kickplan is a bulletproof REST and Socket-based service that run inside your environment, wherever that is. We’re k8s native, source available commercial software, so you know what you’re running and how you will support it before ever starting an integration.

Free up engineering bandwidth

With Kickplan, you can provide your product, sales, success and finance teams with a beautiful cloud-based UI that remotely configures your Kickplan service and enables the workflows and automations your organization needs to let your engineering teams focus their attention on your product and users.

Best-in-class tools

Kickplan’s foundation is based on open specifications and tools your team is already used. Our feature flags are Open Feature compliant. Our metrics are based on the Cloud Events specification. Our authorization layer is based on OPA. Our OLAP metrics processing engine is based on DuckDB. We’ve pulled together all the best-in-class tech to deliver an incredible DevEx and UX on top of the most scalable technologies.

Simple to understand and use

Kickplan can be boiled down to two core services: A policy-based authorization layer that has all the data locally needed to make feature access decisions in microseconds based on the business logic your team builds out without code (or with!). And, a data-lake scale OLAP engine collecting all the usage and value metrics that your team needs to deliver the software you sell to customers. Track usage, revenue and costs, and then use that data to control and configure the experience of your customers at any scale.

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